In November 2013, 350 leaders from industry, government, education, foundations, nonprofit and social venture organizations gathered at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC for the inaugural Close It Summit.  It was a packed agenda with extraordinary speakers and participants asking thought-provoking questions, challenging the status quo and actively engaged in finding solutions to close the skills gap and bridge the opportunity divide.  Here are just a few of the comments we've received -



"I have been going to conferences for 40 years and your conference was one of the best I have ever attended." - T.W.

"An amazing opportunity for all of the participants.  Thanks for your foresight in planning this opportunity for everyone!" - R.P.

"Thank you both so much for allowing the Education Design Lab to participate in your Close It Summit and the IDEA Exchange.  Conference was great - really good speakers, really thoughtful presentations." - D.P.

"I can't wait to attend next year."  - C.G.

"I had a blast.  I felt so humbled to be there and truly admire what you guys were doing." - D.K.

"It was "amazing" and I've gone to a hundred of these." - A.P.

"What a STELLAR event and what a PRIVILEGE to be associated with this group of individuals." - K.M.

"It was a great experience; I came home telling everyone about the Summit." 
- V.C.

"I was so impressed with the caliber of your speakers and overall program."
- K.E.

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