The HIRE Awards

HIRE Awards 2013 Winners Press Release

Judging Committee

SHRM  U.S. Chamber of Commerce                      

We are grateful to our judging committee for their expertise and hard work in choosing the inaugural HIRE Award winners.  All of the applications were impressive and it was a difficult decision. We also applaud all of the applicants for the innovative work they are leading in hiring and talent development at their companies. 

HIRE Awards 2013 Winners

AmeriHealth Caritas
AmeriHealth Caritas is truly focused on building partnerships.  Its myriad of initiatives designed to “cultivate the invisible workforce” partner with workforce development groups, government agencies and even their employees.  From the employee driven Mission Scholarship Program which has given over 900 scholarships to the transitional workers program, their partnerships with Philadelphia Works, workshops offering health care literacy training and their Administrative Fellowship Program; these initiatives all result in hires that might have otherwise been overlooked. 

Bank of America
Two programs both aimed at attracting talent in technology roles, one aimed at women, one at veterans.  Women in Technology & Operations was formed as a single chapter and has grown to more than 3000 women employees across 15 local chapters in five countries who provide a community of support for each other while the greater mission is to attract, retain and promote women in technology roles.  The Military Support Assistance Group's Military Associate Program for Technology and Operations is a line of business advocacy group within Bank of America’s GT&O organization.  The MAP mission: To attract, develop and retain military veterans and their spouses as talent in technology and operations at Bank of America.

In response to concerns about a “greying” workforce, this university- industry collaboration aids in the development of hands-on courses with the potential for very high participation and provides guidance on how they may be presented in an online platform.  It serves as an example for university-industry collaboration bringing together manufacturers, software providers and higher education.  Students work with industry mentors at the technological frontier of collaborative design and learning, driving its development by their participation.

Gilchrist Construction Company
Partnering with the Central Louisiana Work Ready Network, Gilchrist Construction began using ACT’s Work Keys to test applicants in 2011 and now advertises itself as an “ACT National Career Readiness Certificate Employer Advocate,” letting applicants know the importance of earning the credential. They now use these tools across the board for all external hires, as well as for internal promotions--that means every location, every position, without exception.

Southwire’s program, 12 for Life is a partnership with the Carroll County Schools. In this twist on school based work training programs, Southwire purchased a manufacturing facility, installed equipment and created a factory run by students. Additional classes and Life Skills training are taught onsite before and after work shifts.  Today, 12 for Life employs nearly 300 students at locations in Carrollton Georgia and Florence, Alabama and has served as a model for several other start up programs hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Honorable Mentions

Big Ass Fans
While on-boarding programs are not new, Big Ass Fans has taken new hire training to a whole new level.  Using the humorous tone that is part of their trademark, their innovative, interactive onboarding program has reduced the expected productivity time for new hires from 6-9 months to only 90 days, engaged those employees in the company’s mission and vision, and, they are retaining those employees with a retention rate over 93%.

The City of Albuquerque
The Pre-Management Development Program (PMDP), of the City of Albuquerque’s Public Service University was created to provide opportunities for employee growth and development opportunity to those City employees who have no management experience and enable them to acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to be effective managers and leaders for the City of Albuquerque.  At the end of this yearlong comprehensive development and mentorship program, the participants receive credit for two years supervisory experience, which enables them to qualify for entry-level management positions in the City of Albuquerque.